Aluminum machining

Sheet metal processing is where you work with sheets of, for example, steel, aluminum and thermoplastic. You may need different topics for the project you are working on. Some of these components might be made of sheets. There are many options with plates. You can, for example, turn, mill and drill the plates. This opens up many possibilities. If you choose to have something done to some of the plates, then it is important that you go to a professional who is in control of your equipment and material. In this way, the best result is ensured

An industrial robot is a programmable manipulator that can be used for various work tasks in the industry, so that tasks are first of all done faster, and that a uniform result has been ensured than by doing it manually. The industry was first built back in the 1960s in the USA, and has today gained a very large foothold in various electronics production systems.

An industrial robot is built so that it has a robot arm on which you can put different tools so that it can handle different tasks. You can, for example, attach drilling, grinding and milling tools, as well as welding guns and spray paint guns, and thus you have a machine that can handle many different tasks in record time.

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